5 Ways To Celebrate Winter Solstice

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With a chill in the air and warmth in our fuzzy-lined boots, the winter solstice is upon us! Marking the shift in the seasons, winter solstice is one of the original catalysts for winter celebrations. It is both a mystical time that represents change and an astronomical event that reminds us that we’ve reached the […]

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Creating a Book Nook for the Perfect Spot to Read

This is a guest post with Darling Homes. Packing things up in boxes and bags, cleaning, and getting ready to unpack it all again is stressful and daunting, but it’s a simply inevitable part of the process of switching homes. Sure, it causes a lot of headaches and stress while it’s all happening. But if […]

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Daily Mom DIY: Updating your Room with Peel and Stick Wood by Timberchic

Have you ever looked around at your drab and boring home decor, and wondered what the quickest and easiest way would be to add some amazing character? Whether or not you’re the do-it-yourselfer, adding some warmth and texture into your space can be done in a day, thanks to amazing peel and stick wood planks […]

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Exploring the World with Science: A Water Pollution Experiment

The earth is remarkable; the only planet in our solar system to hold life. However, our planet is also changing at an alarmingly fast rate. It is our duty to teach our children how to love and cherish the environment we’ve been gifted. The best way to do this is through education. The best time to […]

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Recycled Decor: DIY Desk Storage #lesswastechallenge

This is a sponsored post written by us on behalf of Tom’s of Maine. All opinions are 100% ours. Finding ways to create less trash and provide a better environment we can all enjoy is a mission you may wish to challenge yourself to all year round. Less trash means healthier air, happier animals, and […]

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Crafts for 10 Favorite Children’s Books

Reading can take us on imaginative adventures great and small with a few simple words, and, in some cases, with a few pictures or illustrations too. Want to bring the fun even more “to life” with your kids and help encourage their love of reading? Here are 10 favorite kid’s books, and crafts perfect for […]

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Exploring the World with Science

Children are naturally curious. They find wild delight in tiny ants crossing the sidewalk, they take pleasure in pulling out all the contents in your kitchen cabinets, and they love sticking their hands into gooey mud and rubbing it all over themselves and the dog. Children want to learn and explore the world around them – and it […]

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